Black Nerd Problems

Comin straight outta Wakanda

About This Project

Black Nerd Problems came out of flippant conversation between Omar Holmon and Will Evans complaining about the lack of minority representation in DC Comics New 52. They realized that part of the problem with representation in popular and geek culture isn’t solely on the source, but on the verbal strength of the consumer, on the coverage, on the reporting. The two thought, “how cool would it be to control our own narrative?” A friendship was formed and that was the birth of BNP.

They contacted STC to help make this vision a reality. We worked with the BNP team to create a brand identity and website that would serve as a platform for what has now become in a very short time span a very popular blog. Our approach to the brand was to create a simple mark that would translate that directness of the handle. The proverbial afro and glasses are easily recognizable without the type and whimsical approach to the tone of BNP brand.

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August 01, 2014

Branding, Strategy, Web